Remodel Works Bathroom Design
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Bathroom Design

Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is the top remodeling company in San Diego for a reason: customers are taken care of. The service that Remodel Works provides is personal, designers take time to build relationships with clients. Remodeling your bathroom is often a major investment of time and finances. From smaller hallway baths to grand master bathrooms, San Diego homes have benefited from Remodel Works’ services for over 30 years. The company’s reputation has been developed from the unprecedented success it has experienced in San Diego for decades.

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Kitchen Design

Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has used 30+ years of experience in the remodeling industry to perfect its design process. Staying ahead of the competition in efficiency, scheduling, and pricing, is the fundamental strength of Remodel Works, and a virtue that has enabled the company to become a leader in San Diego remodeling.

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2015 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

  Have you ever thought of what are the  2015 kitchen and bathroom designs? The trendsetters for the month of January brings more than just a brand new year, but also new predicted trends. I will bring to you five prominent trends that are predicted from sites such as Forbes and Better Homes and Gardens.   Black or White? Starting off the trends, the theme colors for this year are black and white. In regards to the color white, it creates a neutral palette for people to work with in their kitchens or bathrooms. Using white provides a base color that anyone can mix and match other colors with. Additionally, black is another exceptional color choice to design with. Ever heard of people making references to the phrase “the new black”? In this year’s design trend, black is the new black.   Metallics Another design choice is the usage of warmer-toned metals such as gold or bronze. The choice provides a great accent for your base colors (white or black). Not only is warmer-toned metals a great accent, but it provides a great contrast in color for kitchens and bathrooms. The use of metallics is nothing new in 2015. People use metallics in design for the gleam they provide, and metallics are a real eye catcher. Who would not want a little pizazz in their kitchens?   Open Shelving Also, another upcoming 2015 trend is to continue to promote that “open-concept” feeling in the house. In designing a kitchen, open shelving provides a more open and inviting environment for homeowners. Additionally, open shelving provides easy and simple access to... read more

Thank You!

Thank You, from Remodel Works   The holidays give Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen a chance to reflect on the past year as a company, and look at the growth we have made and the people who have helped our success become possible. Remodel Works recently celebrated thirty years of being in business, and we believe that is something to be proud of. Since the beginning of the company, Remodel Works has been dedicated to the group of people both inside and outside of our company doors, who have made our progress possible. After thirty years of hard work from an amazing and dynamic group of people, Remodel Work wants to say thank you. Thank you to our employees. You are the backbone of the company. From generating leads to putting the finishing touches on gorgeous Richelieu cabinets, you are what drives Remodel Works to success each and every day. It is your passion and commitment that enables this company to provide the highest quality remodeling services to the San Diego community. Your early mornings and late nights have given Remodel Works the ability to become a leader in the remodeling industry, and a respected local business. Thank you for staying committed to the beliefs of the company, and staying connected as a team during the ups and downs. It has been a long journey from thirty years ago until today, and we have seen many faces come and go, but for all the work each and every employee has contributed, Remodel Works is grateful. Thank you to our customers. You do more than keep us in business, you... read more

Winter Proofing: Prepping Your Home for the Colder Months

Winter proofing your home is necessary no matter where you leave, as it is every season. Preparing your home for the late fall, winter, and early spring is a chore that needs to be done every year. This process of, “winter-proofing” can take time but it is vital to you’re your home retain heat and prevent any damage from the elements. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen installs appliances and materials every year that help with this process, and ensure that finished remodeling jobs will last. It is one thing to have an elegant home, but a far different matter to warrant that your living spaces can last. The location of your home is a major factor in deciding the best approach to getting ready for colder months. Extreme measures need to be taken in eastern and mid-western areas, while southern cities like San Diego have the advantage of milder seasons and therefore less exhausting preparations. This does not mean that there is no work to be done… Heating and heat loss is the primary concern during cooler months, and the Remodel Works team has refined its approach to remodeling during the colder months in order to better serve the San Diego community. Windows and doors are the primary areas where unnecessary heat loss occurs. If glass is not weatherproof or too thin, heat loss can occur even when your home seems completely sealed. However, the majority of heat lost comes from around the edges of windows and doors that are not secure. Proper seals and grout need to be applied to the edges of window frames to minimize gaps... read more

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations give your Thanksgiving and Christmas months a flavor that is unique to any other time of the year. During these few exceptional weeks, you are swarmed with setting up lights, putting out the potpourri, lighting candles, and preparing for the parties ahead. There may be a few disgruntled complaints from husbands asked to make constant grocery runs, or children asked to help with the cleaning, but holiday preparations give families a great opportunity to spruce up their homes and look for new inspiration in anticipation of the new year. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen believes that any home can be transformed into a welcoming and warm place during the holidays. This doesn’t mean any significant remodeling or construction, but rather careful attention to the colors and materials you decorate your house with. With help from photographers and a brilliant marketing team, Remodel Works’ designers have been decorating home interiors for decades to present to clients. Homeowners often limit themselves to thinking that their kitchens/dining areas are limited to only a few decorative themes and ambiances, but the truth is any space can be decorated differently depending on the season, holiday, weather, etc. Color is fundamental when establishing a foundation for your holiday decorations. The color of your walls, cabinets, appliances, or floors is obviously permanent (Remodel Works does not condone repainting your home every few months, it is both impractical and uneconomical), but there are multiple faucets of your home décor that can be easily change to adapt to each holiday differently. Drapes and curtains may be the first items to be changes, since they cover large... read more

Recycled Materials

Recycled remodeling materials can save money, resources, and effort when remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has found over the past few decades that the popularity of recycled materials has grown exponentially, and that consumers are moving more and more towards reusing materials in their new home remodeling projects. Recycled materials can come in two forms; new resources that have been manufactured from recycled goods, or building materials that are being taken directly from and old space to a new one. An example of this first type (manufactured) of recycled materials would be recycled glass tile (see our new blog on the many advantages of glass tiling), or wood flooring that has been flooring that taken from discarded lumber, treated, and reused in a remodeling project. The second type of recycled material might be a standing bathtub that is taken from an old master bathroom, refinished, and placed in a new and decadent remodeled bathroom. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is very flexible when it comes to reusing resources for a new project and encourages using recycled materials when possible. For example, many clients want to reuse granite slabs in their kitchen or bathrooms, and repurpose them for countertops or island covers. Kitchen cabinets can be reused in bathrooms, or moved from under countertops to being lifted above them. If a Remodel Works designer sees an option for recycling a piece of furniture, appliance, or material, he or she will be able to suggest this to a client in order to save resources and time. A simple online search will give any prospective clients an... read more

Being the Perfect Host: What Your Kitchen Says About You

There is a lot that goes into being a perfect host, what your kitchen says about you can make people feel welcome and your event a total hit. Having company over can be a stressful event if you’re not prepared. Being the perfect host is a goal of any devoted homeowner that values the company of friends, family, and any sort of social life; having a beautiful kitchen can say a lot about you and make the process much less stressful. Magazines, television, celebrities, and the media in general is constantly pursuing the latest trends and products that will establish a consumer as a truly, “perfect host,” but as much as Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen likes to stay on top of the latest trends…the company is convinced that there is a much simpler way to provide fully for your guests. A warm and welcoming environment can never be properly established unless a host has the most fundamental of all weapons in his/her arsenal of hospitality, the proper kitchen space. The kitchen is where any party begins. As food and drinks are being prepared, the kitchen quickly becomes the place to congregate and begin the first rounds of appetizers and conversations. It is the place where the mood of the party is set; will it be a wild night? a relaxed evening? An awkward couple of hours ended by everyone thinking of an obscure excuse why they have to leave? A pop culture magazine might be able to inform a consumer what the best snacks and desserts to serve are, but the designers at Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen... read more