2015 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

Have you ever thought of what are the  2015 kitchen and bathroom designs? The trendsetters for the month of January brings more than just a brand new year, but also new predicted trends. I will bring to you five prominent trends that are predicted from sites such as Forbes and Better Homes and Gardens.


Black or White?

Starting off the trends, the theme colors for this year are black and white. In regards to the color white, it creates a neutral palette for people to work with in their kitchens or bathrooms. Using white provides a base color that anyone can mix and match other colors with. Additionally, black is another exceptional color choice to design with. Ever heard of people making references to the phrase “the new black”? In this year’s design trend, black is the new black.



Another design choice is the usage of warmer-toned metals such as gold or bronze. The choice provides a great accent for your base colors (white or black). Not only is warmer-toned metals a great accent, but it provides a great contrast in color for kitchens and bathrooms. The use of metallics is nothing new in 2015. People use metallics in design for the gleam they provide, and metallics are a real eye catcher. Who would not want a little pizazz in their kitchens?


Open Shelving

Also, another upcoming 2015 trend is to continue to promote that “open-concept” feeling in the house. In designing a kitchen, open shelving provides a more open and inviting environment for homeowners. Additionally, open shelving provides easy and simple access to utensils and plates. In a design perspective, open shelving gives less of the “clutter” feeling. The reason is due to the focal point that open shelves provide. The fact that everything placed on these shelves is not hidden away by a door draws people’s eyes to take a peek.


Glass Doors and Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

2015 Kitchen and Bathroom TrendsIn addition to the open shelving trend, the use of glass doors provides an alternative to exposing what is hidden in your cabinets. Glass doors provide additional eye appeal and another way of promoting that “open-concept” for the kitchen. In terms of floor-to-ceiling cabinets, gives a cleaner look for your kitchen and additional store space to store any additional dishes or utensils. Also, who does not like additional storage in their kitchen?



Lastly, the concept of using wallpaper adds character for any kitchen. We know not everyone likes wallpaper because it has that negative connotation of an old/outdated house. However, wallpaper design has changed in the years. Wallpaper provides a nice contrast to any painted area, and it can compliment your kitchen appliances. Sometimes a kitchen can be a bit lackluster and unappealing, but incorporating at least one wall with wallpaper can flip things around. So the next time you are looking for something to spice up your kitchen, why not try wallpaper?


These are some of the 2015 kitchen and bathroom trends, what do you think of these trends? Are they a hit or miss in your books? What are some additional trends you think will be a hit in 2015?