If you had the opportunity, chances are there is at least one thing you would change about your kitchen. If you had the budget and time a remodel would be the right way to go. Most of the time people get too comfortable with the status quo and ignore the warning signs that it’s time for a kitchen remodel. We have come up with 5 signs that it’s time to remodel your kitchen.

It is Walled-off from tTime to Remodelhe Rest of your house

Modern kitchens are great for the chef of the house. Updated kitchens are frequently open to the dining room or family room, allowing the chef space to entertain, be social and still cook that fabulous meal. Kitchens in older homes are often walled off from the rest of the house, making cooking a lonely and secluded process.  Knocking down walls and opening up your kitchen to the dining room or family room  opens  up your whole house and increases visibility. It allows for a great opportunity to entertain guests, as you can remain in the conversation while you cook.

Your Appliances are Reaching the End

Unless your home is new, it is likely the appliances in your kitchen were purchased and installed when it was built. If they were purchased at the same time, chances are they will all break down or stop working in the same time span. While this time can be a hassle, it can also be an opportunity. Don’t limit yourself to purchasing appliances that fit into already-allocated spaces. Take this time to reimagine your kitchen and remodel it to fit your dream appliances. The opportunity to replace everything doesn’t come along very often.

Your Kitchen is Difficult to CleanTime to Remodel
Kitchens should be made to handle a mess. If you avoid cooking because of the mess or dread your nightly clean-up, it may be time to remodel. Old, tile counter tops with dirty grout will have you scrubbing every night. Solid surface counter tops and stainless steel appliances will make cleaning up after cooking easier. Replacing hard-to-clean porcelain sinks with stainless steel or composite sinks takes the tough scouring out of the picture. Faucets with detaching nozzles can help you maneuver your water source for quick washing. Flooring like linoleum sucks in dirt and spills and makes cleaning difficult. Updating to tile or wood will not only make cleaning easier, it adds style and warmth to your home.

You Need More Storage or CTime to Remodelounter Space

While newly-developed appliances and cooking tools make it easier to prepare dinner, they also take up a lot of cabinet and counter space. Limited counter space shouldn’t deter you from trying new recipes or preparing multiple dishes at once.  Cabinet storage can be a huge issue. The longer you live somewhere, the more storage space you need to accommodate the tools you accrue. Not being organized or knowing where things are can limit your cooking potential and make cooking a slow and frustrating process. If you are experiencing limited counter or cabinet space, it is definitely time to remodel your kitchen.

Your Kitchen is not User- Friendly

More than any other room in the house, kitchens need to be user-friendly. Having a beautiful kitchen is wonderful, but if you can’t make a great meal in it, it’s time to remodel. Your counter space should be allocated to be accessible by the refrigerator, oven and often-used small appliances. Your dish cabinets should be easily reachable by your food preparation counter. There should also be enough room for multiple people in your kitchen. Think about how many people are in the kitchen during holidays such as Thanksgiving, and be sure to include the space for them in your remodel.

When opportunity, time and budget align, it’s a sure sign that it is time for a kitchen remodel. Our designers at Remodel Works can help you create the perfect kitchen to suit you and your home. Contact us for a free consultation and let us help you to get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!