Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen Supports Mentoring Program

Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen’s team is coming together to give back and support the next generation, by sponsoring the Boys to Men Mentoring program. Each year, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen Warehouse Manager, Ryan Terrell participates in the 100 Wave Challenge to raise money for the Boys to Men Mentoring program. For the past four years, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen CEO, Joe Christenson, has donated over $1,000 to sponsor Ryan. With the support of Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen, Ryan was able to raise $3,500 last year alone. This year, the whole Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen team is getting involved. The company will sponsor Ryan for $1,000. The company supports several charitable endeavors, including an annual Toys for Tots toy drive. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is a remodeling company in Poway, CA that has helped San Diego homeowners in their redesigning and remodeling process for 32 years. They have always been community-minded, and have supported charities such as Toys for Tots in the past. “It’s important to me to give back to the community that has made our business what it is.” Joe said. “I want to encourage the next generation of small business owners in our community. As well as support the Boys to Men Mentoring Program. That is our future.” This year will be Ryan’s fourth year participating in the 100 Wave Challenge for Boys to Men Mentoring. Each year, he is sponsored with the promise that he will surf 100 waves in 12 hours. A devoted father and husband, Ryan knows how important it is for kids to have someone to look... read more

How to Choose A Remodeling Company

  Once you have made the decision that it is time to remodel, a remodeling company must be chosen. This is a very important decision, as the success of the remodel depends almost entirely on the people who are entrusted with the job. These people will be working in your house, and when they leave you will have to live with the changes they have created. However, there is no reason for worry, as great remodeling companies are easy to spot. The following are guidelines on how to choose a remodeling company. Ask Around Your best resources will be your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Ask around and see if anyone you know can recommend a remodeling company. Chances are, you know at least a few people that have remodeled, and many of them will be happy to share their stories. If someone you know had a bad experience, be sure to stay away from that remodeler. On the other hand, remodelers who are highly praised can go on your short list.   Check Online Reviews Now that you have a list of remodelers recommended by your friends, take your search online. Before you start googling, remember that online reviews are not always reliable. However, if you find that a company your friend recommended has consistently low ratings, it’s possible they may have changed the way they do things since your friend used them.  Read recent reviews closely, if it seems like reviewers are getting a discount in exchange for a positive yelp review, run away. This is a huge red flag that the company can’t get good reviews... read more

5 Signs that it’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

If you had the opportunity, chances are there is at least one thing you would change about your kitchen. If you had the budget and time a remodel would be the right way to go. Most of the time people get too comfortable with the status quo and ignore the warning signs that it’s time for a kitchen remodel. We have come up with 5 signs that it’s time to remodel your kitchen. It is Walled-off from the Rest of your house Modern kitchens are great for the chef of the house. Updated kitchens are frequently open to the dining room or family room, allowing the chef space to entertain, be social and still cook that fabulous meal. Kitchens in older homes are often walled off from the rest of the house, making cooking a lonely and secluded process.  Knocking down walls and opening up your kitchen to the dining room or family room  opens  up your whole house and increases visibility. It allows for a great opportunity to entertain guests, as you can remain in the conversation while you cook. Your Appliances are Reaching the End Unless your home is new, it is likely the appliances in your kitchen were purchased and installed when it was built. If they were purchased at the same time, chances are they will all break down or stop working in the same time span. While this time can be a hassle, it can also be an opportunity. Don’t limit yourself to purchasing appliances that fit into already-allocated spaces. Take this time to reimagine your kitchen and remodel it to fit your dream... read more

She Said She-Shed: How to Utilize Your She-Shed Space

Chances are you’ve gone to a friend or neighbor’s house and been invited into their “man cave.” This ominous-sounding room has come to be a staple in many American households. A cross between an office and bedroom, it is a man’s private space in the home. But what about a woman’s private space, you might ask? Well, that’s an interesting story. Until recently they haven’t had one, but feminists rejoice! With the invention of the She-Shed, there is finally a place for women to get their work and play done in a private and uninterrupted space. Ok… But what exactly is a She-Shed? A woman’s place is no longer in the home. A She-Shed is a shed or barn that is converted into a private space for a woman. It doesn’t matter if the space is a remodeled garage, a room addition, a purchased storage shed or a hand-made wooden barn, as long as it provides a private sanctuary. What is the purpose of a She-Shed? The purpose of a She-Shed is as unique as the woman who uses it. Everyone needs a quiet place to get things done. Some women use their She-Shed for work. As work becomes more and more possible from the home, people often need to separate their work space from their home space. More often, women use She-Sheds for their hobbies or passions. Sometimes in this crazy busy life, you need a place that’s dedicated to doing things you love. Many women use their She-Sheds for gardening, scrapbooking, crafting, sewing, or being with their friends. But these spaces don’t have to be dedicated to... read more

2015 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

  Have you ever thought of what are the  2015 kitchen and bathroom designs? The trendsetters for the month of January brings more than just a brand new year, but also new predicted trends. I will bring to you five prominent trends that are predicted from sites such as Forbes and Better Homes and Gardens.   Black or White? Starting off the trends, the theme colors for this year are black and white. In regards to the color white, it creates a neutral palette for people to work with in their kitchens or bathrooms. Using white provides a base color that anyone can mix and match other colors with. Additionally, black is another exceptional color choice to design with. Ever heard of people making references to the phrase “the new black”? In this year’s design trend, black is the new black.   Metallics Another design choice is the usage of warmer-toned metals such as gold or bronze. The choice provides a great accent for your base colors (white or black). Not only is warmer-toned metals a great accent, but it provides a great contrast in color for kitchens and bathrooms. The use of metallics is nothing new in 2015. People use metallics in design for the gleam they provide, and metallics are a real eye catcher. Who would not want a little pizazz in their kitchens?   Open Shelving Also, another upcoming 2015 trend is to continue to promote that “open-concept” feeling in the house. In designing a kitchen, open shelving provides a more open and inviting environment for homeowners. Additionally, open shelving provides easy and simple access to... read more

Thank You!

Thank You, from Remodel Works   The holidays give Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen a chance to reflect on the past year as a company, and look at the growth we have made and the people who have helped our success become possible. Remodel Works recently celebrated thirty years of being in business, and we believe that is something to be proud of. Since the beginning of the company, Remodel Works has been dedicated to the group of people both inside and outside of our company doors, who have made our progress possible. After thirty years of hard work from an amazing and dynamic group of people, Remodel Work wants to say thank you. Thank you to our employees. You are the backbone of the company. From generating leads to putting the finishing touches on gorgeous Richelieu cabinets, you are what drives Remodel Works to success each and every day. It is your passion and commitment that enables this company to provide the highest quality remodeling services to the San Diego community. Your early mornings and late nights have given Remodel Works the ability to become a leader in the remodeling industry, and a respected local business. Thank you for staying committed to the beliefs of the company, and staying connected as a team during the ups and downs. It has been a long journey from thirty years ago until today, and we have seen many faces come and go, but for all the work each and every employee has contributed, Remodel Works is grateful. Thank you to our customers. You do more than keep us in business, you... read more

Winter Proofing: Prepping Your Home for the Colder Months

Winter proofing your home is necessary no matter where you leave, as it is every season. Preparing your home for the late fall, winter, and early spring is a chore that needs to be done every year. This process of, “winter-proofing” can take time but it is vital to you’re your home retain heat and prevent any damage from the elements. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen installs appliances and materials every year that help with this process, and ensure that finished remodeling jobs will last. It is one thing to have an elegant home, but a far different matter to warrant that your living spaces can last. The location of your home is a major factor in deciding the best approach to getting ready for colder months. Extreme measures need to be taken in eastern and mid-western areas, while southern cities like San Diego have the advantage of milder seasons and therefore less exhausting preparations. This does not mean that there is no work to be done… Heating and heat loss is the primary concern during cooler months, and the Remodel Works team has refined its approach to remodeling during the colder months in order to better serve the San Diego community. Windows and doors are the primary areas where unnecessary heat loss occurs. If glass is not weatherproof or too thin, heat loss can occur even when your home seems completely sealed. However, the majority of heat lost comes from around the edges of windows and doors that are not secure. Proper seals and grout need to be applied to the edges of window frames to minimize gaps... read more

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations give your Thanksgiving and Christmas months a flavor that is unique to any other time of the year. During these few exceptional weeks, you are swarmed with setting up lights, putting out the potpourri, lighting candles, and preparing for the parties ahead. There may be a few disgruntled complaints from husbands asked to make constant grocery runs, or children asked to help with the cleaning, but holiday preparations give families a great opportunity to spruce up their homes and look for new inspiration in anticipation of the new year. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen believes that any home can be transformed into a welcoming and warm place during the holidays. This doesn’t mean any significant remodeling or construction, but rather careful attention to the colors and materials you decorate your house with. With help from photographers and a brilliant marketing team, Remodel Works’ designers have been decorating home interiors for decades to present to clients. Homeowners often limit themselves to thinking that their kitchens/dining areas are limited to only a few decorative themes and ambiances, but the truth is any space can be decorated differently depending on the season, holiday, weather, etc. Color is fundamental when establishing a foundation for your holiday decorations. The color of your walls, cabinets, appliances, or floors is obviously permanent (Remodel Works does not condone repainting your home every few months, it is both impractical and uneconomical), but there are multiple faucets of your home décor that can be easily change to adapt to each holiday differently. Drapes and curtains may be the first items to be changes, since they cover large... read more

Recycled Materials

Recycled remodeling materials can save money, resources, and effort when remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has found over the past few decades that the popularity of recycled materials has grown exponentially, and that consumers are moving more and more towards reusing materials in their new home remodeling projects. Recycled materials can come in two forms; new resources that have been manufactured from recycled goods, or building materials that are being taken directly from and old space to a new one. An example of this first type (manufactured) of recycled materials would be recycled glass tile (see our new blog on the many advantages of glass tiling), or wood flooring that has been flooring that taken from discarded lumber, treated, and reused in a remodeling project. The second type of recycled material might be a standing bathtub that is taken from an old master bathroom, refinished, and placed in a new and decadent remodeled bathroom. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is very flexible when it comes to reusing resources for a new project and encourages using recycled materials when possible. For example, many clients want to reuse granite slabs in their kitchen or bathrooms, and repurpose them for countertops or island covers. Kitchen cabinets can be reused in bathrooms, or moved from under countertops to being lifted above them. If a Remodel Works designer sees an option for recycling a piece of furniture, appliance, or material, he or she will be able to suggest this to a client in order to save resources and time. A simple online search will give any prospective clients an... read more

Being the Perfect Host: What Your Kitchen Says About You

There is a lot that goes into being a perfect host, what your kitchen says about you can make people feel welcome and your event a total hit. Having company over can be a stressful event if you’re not prepared. Being the perfect host is a goal of any devoted homeowner that values the company of friends, family, and any sort of social life; having a beautiful kitchen can say a lot about you and make the process much less stressful. Magazines, television, celebrities, and the media in general is constantly pursuing the latest trends and products that will establish a consumer as a truly, “perfect host,” but as much as Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen likes to stay on top of the latest trends…the company is convinced that there is a much simpler way to provide fully for your guests. A warm and welcoming environment can never be properly established unless a host has the most fundamental of all weapons in his/her arsenal of hospitality, the proper kitchen space. The kitchen is where any party begins. As food and drinks are being prepared, the kitchen quickly becomes the place to congregate and begin the first rounds of appetizers and conversations. It is the place where the mood of the party is set; will it be a wild night? a relaxed evening? An awkward couple of hours ended by everyone thinking of an obscure excuse why they have to leave? A pop culture magazine might be able to inform a consumer what the best snacks and desserts to serve are, but the designers at Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen... read more

Water Conservation In your Home

San Diego water conservation efforts are currently in a state of emergency with the current drought that is affecting around 90% of California which is why it is important for you to practice water conservation in your home, this article gives you some ideas for what you can do to decrease water waste. For the past few years, the steady decline in rain has lead to rapid reduction in water levels and San Diego homes are seeing a dramatic spike in monthly water bills. This shortage has put a strain on household use of water, a commodity that is not usually given a second thought. Remodel Works is well aware of this emergency, and as an industry leader, the company is not waiting around for someone else to come up with a solution. Instead, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is utilizing multiple water-conserving appliances and technologies into remodeling jobs around San Diego County. The bathroom and kitchen are the two spaces in a home in which the most water is consumed on a daily basis (this includes, drinking, bathing, washing, cooking, etc.). Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the proper water-conservation efforts are being put into place in these areas. The most direct approach to limiting the amount of water used in a household that Remodel Works takes is the use of water restricting shower heads/faucets, which limiting amount of water used, but do not decrease the power of the stream. Remodel Works ensures that these efforts are long lasting by installing only the top brand of these new and ecologically friendly faucets/shower heads, brands such as... read more

Recycled Glass Tile: How it Can be Used in Your Home

Recycled glass tile can be used in remodeling bathrooms to set a distinct theme and cleanliness that is difficult to achieve with other materials. Using glass tile to highlight your new bathroom remodel can bring to life a space by adding depth, color, and a unique texture to your new space. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has adapted to the current popularity of oceanic and naval themes in the remodeling industry by using glass tiles in local San Diego jobs to bring out these highly demanded aquatic themes.   Recycled glass tile can provide depth to a bathroom that materials like stainless steel, marble, granite, wood, etc., cannot offer. The transparency of glass gives the illusion of a liquid-like surface when it is properly installed. This effect can open up a bathroom space, making it appear larger than reality, and can also create a very smooth surface that absorbs heat well and is non-porous (it will never rot, corrode, or mold). The “liquid” illusion that a light blue stained glass can create is perfect for aquatic themed bathroom. Coupled with a classic master-bathtub and an abundance of natural light, this type of theme is perfect for giving a relaxing oceanic aura to a new master bathroom. Recycled glass tiling is exploding in popularity in the San Diego area, and Remodel Works designers make sure to capitalize on this surge in demand. Because of the proximity to the Pacific, glass tile can be used in a number of ways to accentuate the beach-side culture that thrives in southern California. Although coastline projects are where the majority of glass-tiled bathroom are... read more

From the Runway to Your Home: Fall Design Trends 2014

With all the new trends sweeping through home design that can update your home in time for the New Year Remodel Works would like to give you an insiders guide to fall design trends 2014. Here is your fall 2014 home design guide with a rundown of what is on trend right now and how to incorporate them into your home no matter your personal style. Metallic Accents and Metal Fixtures The use of metals throughout your home is very in this season both in fashion and home decor. Small touches of bronze or gold are generally better than an all-out overload in order to maintain the elegance of the design.  For the bathroom or kitchen, using metallic fixtures can add some elegance to your bathroom, try bronze or titanium. For the rest of the home, try incorporating metallic lighting fixtures in a unique design, beaded decorative pillows, small mirrors or possibly even larger design pieces that stand out. The larger accent pieces are usually best for a simpler design as they can get overwhelming if there are too many conflicting elements going on.   Herringbone Similar to the extremely chevron print we’ve been seeing everywhere the last year or so, herringbone is like chevron’s unruly sibling. Instead of being a consistently even print that is very measured, herringbone is more textured and sporadic giving it an eclectic vibe. This is one of the bolder fall design trends 2014 and should be used singularly. The best ways to work this trend into your home is through an accent wall, textured backsplash, flooring, or even a coffee table.   Wicker... read more

Natural Light in the Kitchen

The use of natural light in modern kitchens is a growing trend among the remodeling industry. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen believes that natural light in the kitchen is often a perfect substitute for elaborate or excessive light fixtures. The location, size, and design of a kitchen are factors that affect whether or not natural light is the best option for a new remodel job. From aesthetic appeal to overall efficiency, natural light affects the ambiance of a kitchen space significantly and thus must be designed very carefully. So what exactly is natural lighting? Natural lighting in the kitchen is the use of skylights and windows in a home to illuminate a space with the same effect as electrical lighting. Typically, clients of Remodel Works enjoy large mantle windows facing east or west to gain the maximum advantage of the sun. Depending on preference, having the sunrise or sunset illuminating your kitchen space gives a kitchen a beautiful touch in the mornings or afternoons. Because of the amount of sunlight San Diego receives annually, Remodel Works has been installing skylights and kitchen windows for years. Natural lighting in the kitchen is not effective or efficient in every area of the US, but Remodel Works takes full advantage of the San Diego climate to illuminate hundreds of homes every year. With the energy and water crisis in the area, the primary advantage of natural lighting is very crucial to Remodel Works’ design plans. Natural lighting a kitchen is an incredible opportunity to conserve energy. Not only will a homeowner need to use their electrical lighting less (there will always be... read more

Tile vs. Wood Flooring

Ever wondered the real differences between tile vs. wood flooring? Kitchen flooring is by far the most distinguishing feature of your cooking space. Your choice of material, color, pattern, and finish is crucial to establishing the proper atmosphere you wish to entertain your guests in. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen takes particular care to emphasize the importance of kitchen flooring to every client. The flooring of a kitchen is the foundation of a room’s décor and overarching theme. Both tile vs. wood flooring have specific characteristics that make them unique and advantageous, depending on the premise of one’s kitchen. Selecting the exact material for a kitchen floor is a permanent, relatively expensive, and takes a significant amount of time to properly install. Remodel Works is dedicated to scrutinizing every detail of the design process so that each client is satisfied with his or her new floor. Read on to discover how to choose between tile vs. wood flooring. Tile flooring has increased in popularity throughout Remodel Works’ long history in the remodeling industry. There are numerous advantages to having tile flooring, but the limitations of installing tile also need to be considered. Tile flooring has risen amongst the rank of flooring options due mainly to its wide variety. Clients usually chose stone or ceramic tile and then have the almost unlimited options of material and colors. These options allow customers to exactly match their floors with the rest of the kitchen space. In addition to the versatility that clients can enjoy with tile, strength and durability are also innate qualities of tile that make it an attractive option for... read more

Why Choose Stainless Steel Appliances?

Stainless steel appliances have become the staple for the bathroom and kitchen industry today. The brightly colored plastic and aluminum refrigerators of the ‘70s are thankfully out of style, and have been replaced by a material that has taken the remodeling world by storm. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has embraced the quality and longevity that stainless steel has to offer, and uses stainless steel materials in the majority of the company’s contracts. However, Remodel Works wants to make sure that all potential clients know why. Stainless steel hit its stride in the beginning of the 2000’s, becoming the market leader in front of the 90’s black appliances. Since then it has remained the leading material in kitchen and bathroom appliances in new projects and installations/renovations. Of course there will always be a natural flow of new styles and design patterns in the kitchen/bath industry, but stainless steel grew in popularity for more than simply its aesthetic appeal. Stainless steel has multiple attributes that put it as a clear favorite in consumers’ eyes. First, stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain. Remodel Works has found that the majority of problems that clients have with appliances is the constant grout and dirt that builds up in seemingly every corner. With stainless steel, and smudges and smears are easily visible and even more easily wiped off. This leads to the second positive characteristic of stainless steel, its non-porous surface. Stainless steel appliances do not affect food in any way; it is one of the cleanest and most hygienic appliance-purposed material on the market. Additionally, stainless steel does not react with... read more

Small Kitchen Solutions

Let’s face it – small kitchens can be a pain to work with. But, they don’t have to be! There are a few small kitchen solutions that can help even the most cramped spaces become more attractive and functional! Relocate We don’t mean find a new home with a bigger kitchen. Relocate items that are only cluttering up your kitchen to another area. Small kitchens have no room for excess junk or storage. First, decide what is absolutely necessary to keep in the kitchen area. If you use up one of your few drawers as a junk drawer, think about using finding a different spot for those things. You could even decorate a photo box and keep your junk stored on a shelf somewhere! Next, make decisions on what should stay on the countertops. There’s no need to clutter your surface space with kitchen gadgets and knick-knacks, when that’s all the space you have to cook on! Excess items on your countertops can make your small kitchen look even smaller. Give yourself some breathing room by prioritizing what should stay and what should go as one of the simpler small kitchen solutions. Rethink Rethink the layout of your kitchen. You don’t have to keep things the way you’ve always had them. Think about how you could make your kitchen more functional for you. Can the coffeemaker move to a corner, and free up some of your central counter space? Maybe your spice rack can move right next to your stovetop to reduce the need to move around the kitchen searching for supplies. Consider what will help you function the... read more

Kitchen Countertop Style Guide

When beginning a remodeling project, choosing materials can be one of the most daunting and confusing parts of the process. There are many questions you may find yourself asking when choosing the right kitchen countertop. Which material can I afford? Which materials are the most durable and can stand up to the mess of my kids? Will this style look good in my home? To help you answer your questions, here is a style guide created to pinpoint the pros and cons of the most common countertop materials. TILE: Tile is one of the most budget-friendly materials one can use for their kitchens, as well as being easy to maintain. Although the grout can be vulnerable to stain, using a darker grout can help conceal these issues. Edges and corners may chip, but with tile, you can repair localized damage and replace a single tile, rather than a whole slab. Tile is heat resistant, and can mix and match with a variety of different design styles in your home. RECYCLED: For the eco-conscious homeowners, using recycled materials could be the best direction to take. Recycled materials can span from glass, concrete, paper, to even plastic. There are many options and varieties in colors and textures, as well. These materials are generally fairly durable, and low maintenance. GLASS:  For kitchens seeking a sleek, clean appearance, glass is the way to go. Although it may be pricier than some other materials, it is easy to clean, resistant to stains, and holds a variety of color and textures options. Keep in mind; it is best to choose a slab that is tempered... read more

Perfect Bar Stools

Do you have perfect bar stools? All stools are not created equal. There are quite a few things to consider when choosing stools for your home. Height, style, color and comfort are just a few of the considerations you should have in mind when looking for the perfect bar stools.  Let’s start with height. Here are the facts: •Chair stool heights are generally 18″ from floor to seat. Great to pair with a table or counter 28″-30″ in height. •Counter stool heights are generally 24″-26″ inches from floor to seat. Great to pair with a table or counter 36″-39″ in height. •Bar stool heights are generally 28″-30″ from floor to seat. Great to pair with a table or counter 40″-42″ in height. Now, it’s also important to consider the length of the raised table or bar where you’re putting your perfect bar stools. How many can you fit? Well, if you don’t want it to fee like a crowded bar, make sure there is enough free space to swivel (if the stool swivels) or move your elbows and or eat. Stools with backs require slightly more room. Do you want your stools to standout or be more discreet? Subtlety is great for smaller spaces or hallways. Big, round seated beautiful stools are great for airy kitchens and joined rooms with plenty of square footage. Then you have to consider the materials used for your perfect bar stools. Match the material with the mood you want to create and keep in mind cleanness. Messy foods are easier to clean off of metal or wood as opposed to upholstery or woven... read more

Kitchen Entertaining Fall 2014

Planning on doing some kitchen entertaining fall 2014? Consider this: more cooks in the kitchen can be a good things. People spend a lot of time in their kitchens. They eat there, they gather there and during the holidays that time only grows. It’s important to have a kitchen that’s food and people friendly for your kitchen entertaining fall 2014. Start with an open floor plan to use your space most wisely. This can be achieved by adding square footage through a renovation, addition, or by knocking down a wall to adjoin two rooms. The more space you have, the more people you can fit. Try spreading out your appliances. By putting some counter space between your dishwasher and your oven, the people cooking have a buffer between the people cleaning. If you have room, add more counter space an island or two or try tiered counter plan. One tier for eating an another for preparing food. Islands can also be used for dining, add a few matching stool and you’ve got yourself some hungry spectators. We don’t want to leave anyone out of the fun at our kitchen entertaining fall 2014. If you want to take it up a notch, add a beverage bar, wet bar or built in buffet. Having multiple places to put things not only spaces things out but it creates more counter space for cooking and food prep. If your house allows, it’s always a good idea to keep an extra refrigerator in the garage. This cuts down on fridge congestion and you have a special place for holiday goodies that can be kept... read more

Going Green is Great

Going green is good for the environment, your family and it also saves you extra cash. And there are tips for every room in the house, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Some are more expected than others but all deliver on that green goodness factor. Plus it adds value to your home. Let’s start in the bathroom. There are many ways to save water here. While you’re waiting for the water to heat up in the shower, place a bucket in the shower to catch the unused water before you hop in. You’ll have enough to water your house plants for a week! By going green, you save the environment while saving some cash yourself! DYI is in. And that goes for making your own chemicals. It’s easier than you think. Just add soap, water, vinegar and baking soda together to create a cleaner that’s low on harsh chemicals and high on fresh antibacterial wonderfulness. This simple task makes going green easy and economical. There are also plenty of small helpful changes you can make to your kitchen as well. If you don’t have the budget to put in some new sky lights (that will help save on your electric bill) or by installing energy efficient appliances, you can start by changing your light bulbs.  Installing a compact fluorescent bulb can save you money on your electric bill and last nearly 10 times longer. That’s a double payback (going green to save some green)! You can also make your electronics more environmentally friendly. Recycle the old and try unplugging the new. Do you own a TV, cell phone charger... read more

A Three-Pronged Approach to Modern Kitchen Remodel Themes

I’ve chosen to dissect contemporary modern kitchen remodel themes using three universal approaches. First, when remodeling and designing there is a constant tendency to return to classical themes (this is not always fashionable). Second, there is an undeniable movement towards natural and environmental ideals that will always be a part of a wise designers subconscious. Lastly, and obviously, the forward momentum that any industry’s development brings will always value futuristic and “modern” themes. These themes are not constantly accepted. It is not always fashionable to be considered “classic,” nor is au natural always appropriate. However, these three options will always be brought back if they are ever considered dead. In truth, they are too broad not to be continually revived. We begin with the habit of classical themes in today’s remodeling industry. Take for example wooden cabinetry, ceramic sinks/tiling, and marble countertops, these are all accessories to a classic space that rarely go out of style, and often are pulsing in their popularity. For example, when neon colors and plastic appliances were the pinnacle of pop culture during the sixties and seventies, a light-stained oak cabinet may not have been as acceptable, but were still used for homes that maintained sophistication and classic tones. A center island with expansive cupboards and shelving are always structural particularities that will forever remain ‘classic,’ as well as simply colored backsplashes or cabinets. To define a classically themed kitchen today, one would look for simplicity, cleanliness, order, and a geometric arrangement of cabinets, shelving, and appliances. Elegance is always a crucial characteristic to attaining the ideal vintage look, and thus archetypal light fixtures, faucet heads, knobs/pulls, or stove tops become... read more

The Remodeling Industry and the Fashion Industry

Contrary to popular belief, the remodeling industry and the fashion industry are very similar. You may be surprised to find out just how glitzy and glamorous kitchen remodels can be! Firstly, imagine the home is like the body. Every home is different just as every body is different. Some kitchens are L-shaped and some kitchens are U-shaped just as some women are pear shaped and some are apple shaped.  Each home must be taken into consideration when planning a kitchen remodel. And just as custom-made dresses always fit better, so do custom made kitchens. The remodeling industry and the fashion industry actually do have some things in common! The first step to designing a custom made dress is to sketch it out. The same goes for custom kitchen remodels. It all starts with a sketch. From there the designers pick out specific materials and accessories to pull it all together. This is just one more similarity between the remodeling industry and the fashion industry. Nowadays practically every female knows the importance of having a quality little black dress. This is a classic staple in your closet that won’t go out of style anytime soon and is worth investing in. Similarly in kitchen remodeling there are classic staples that are worth investing in. For example, nice kitchen cabinetry or sturdy classic countertops can add value to your home in the long run and won’t need to be replaced very frequently. The concept of smart investments is pertinent in both the remodeling industry and the fashion industry. The key to getting the most out of your LBD is sprucing it up with trendy... read more

Stand Alone Tub

When it comes to stand alone tubs, the possibilities are vast and varied. For most of you however, the thought has never crossed your mind as a viable upgrade solution for your bathroom. Consider the french style with an old world allure or alternatively a modern luxurious oval tub. From quaint with a cottage-style feel to sophisticated elegance, stand alone tubs offer a unique, clean and serene addition. Unwinding after a long day is what these masterful tubs are made for. The stand alone tub offers flexibility and will also make your bathroom feel larger than it is. This gives it an airy, inviting feel. At Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen, we know a calming, uncluttered atmosphere is the key to turning a bathroom into a place of retreat. Wall-mounted fixtures, cast iron, bubble jets, and small adjacent consoles are always useful accessories to enhance your new stand alone tub. In addition to the benefits of space and sophistication, the stand alone tub is notorious for looking like it costs triple what you paid for it. Simplicity, drama, minimalistic, spa-like and nostalgia are a few more words that come to mind. No matter your style or budget, there’s a stand alone tub to fit your vision. And there’s no better partner to help make this happen than Remodel Works Bath and... read more

2014 Fall Design Trends

Excite your life by sprucing up your house with these 2014 fall design trends; don’t let June gloom get you down! By doing some simple remodeling projects you not only give your house a new look and feel, but you also add value to your home. Here are three of the hottest fall design trends to help inspire you… One easy way to completely transform a space is to change the lighting. Today everyone is adding indirect lighting sources to their homes in order to reduce glare, decrease shadows and create a relaxed ambiance. With today’s advanced technology, LED lights can be installed just about anywhere. The fall design trend consists of placing lights behind mirrors, below islands, in coves and light boxes. Indiscrete, modern, and rejuvenating- indirect lighting can easily change the feel of your space. Another design idea that is trending this fall is integrating mixed metals into your home décor. Develop unique combinations of silver, gold, copper and pewter to create an industrial chic look in your room. Add metal lighting fixtures, furniture, cabinet handles, mirrors and other accessories. Play around with textures. This trend breaks all of the traditional design rules but it can add a fun, contemporary look to your space. An alternative way to spice up your home is to transform it with technology. You can easily install iPads and tablets into countertops for instant access. Install one in your kitchen to look up recipes or watch TV while you cook. Also consider installing u socket, which allows you to plug in USBs right into an outlet for charging. This allows for easier... read more

New Cabinet Refacing Design Trends Summer 2014

You’ll be amazed at how you can transform your kitchen by cabinet refacing. It also helps you save money, aggravation and time away from this high traffic area. Refacing can be done in a matter of days and at half the cost of replacing. And like most things trending today, value is king. That’s why more people are giving up on replacing and switching to cabinet refacing in 2014. Clean, simple and without clutter are definitely the way to go when refacing. Not only is it a more classic and timeless approach but it’s easier to match your other appliances and the overall feel for your kitchen. Cabinets with elaborate details are harder to maintain and easier to fall out of love with. Plus replacing entire cabinets can do a number on your favorite room. At Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen we encourage you to consider the implications. Demolition can be involved and sometimes rewiring or plumbing can play a factor when completely redoing cabinets. This of course equals time and money. As an added bonus, those with trouble selecting a color scheme are in luck. This year we’re seeing that a combination of colors is warming the hearts of many kitchen cabinet refacing in 2014. Try mixing white and grey with an accent of darker wood. It’s all about expression and turning one of the most beloved rooms in the home into a stylish, modern haven to share good stories and great food. So if you’re happy with the layout of your kitchen and your cabinets are structurally sound, cabinet refacing in 2014 is definitely the way to... read more

Retain Value by Remodeling in 2014

Get even more bang for your hard earned buck and learn how to retain value by remodeling. Remodeling and the value it adds to your home is on the rise in 2014. A trend, that up until last year was suffering. In 2013, the situation shifted when lower remodeling costs came about due to availability and supply and demand. As you can imagine, this trend drives resale value up and improves the industries overall market. This is great news for you and the remodeling landscape. Kitchen and bathroom remodels have proven to most significantly add value over any other home improvement. There are many easy changes that can help you retain value by remodeling. Adding more square footage and higher-end appointments to bathrooms are just a few of the home improvement projects that top the charts, in terms of frequency and popularity. Lower investment projects like minor kitchen remodels, which include new appliances, counter tops and cabinet upgrades, are also on the rise. There are simple fixes that can help you retain your value by remodeling. Small changes, such as cabinet refacing and new lighting fixtures, go a long way. You can add new backsplash tiling and flooring to create a whole new look. In the kitchen, choose a signature appliance to make a statement. All of these projects will help you retain value by remodeling. So if you’re thinking about remodeling your bath or kitchen, there’s really no better time to do so. Contact Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen to find out how your recouping costs can far outweigh your initial investment. Start increasing the value of your... read more

2014 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

A bathroom is a small room that needs to accomplish a lot when designing your small bathroom remodeling. As you can imagine, the smaller the bathroom the greater the need for creative ideas to not only keep your bathroom functional but stylish and appealing as well. From the morning busy rush to unwinding at the end of the day, the bathroom is truly a multipurpose domain. A bathroom must be versatile and at Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen, we think just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have it all. Your small bathroom can be incredibly purposeful while still retaining a spa-like feel. Below are four ways to help make better use of your space. FRAMELESS SHOWERS Minimalism is in. Frameless showers are the no-nonsense approach to cutting back. It will leave you with more space and your bathroom feeling sleek and versatile. NATURAL MATERIALS Mother nature does it best. Her calming colors and materials will help your bathroom feel less cluttered and streamlined. This pallet will also stand the test of time. Hint: look for natural aged beams in you ceiling for the opportunity to be exposed. INTEGRATED LEDGES These built in ledges help you use every inch of space available. By creating extra shelving you’re adding hideaway spots for essential items. This alleviates the need for overflowing medicine cabinets and drawers. FLOATING VANITY Clean, simple and elevated. The floating vanity allows for more floor space, it’s easy to clean beneath and lets you show off your beautiful floor without sacrificing storage space. Visit Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen for more creative ideas for small... read more

Convenient Pull-Out Shelves For The Kitchen

Shelving and cabinet space is one of the most important features of the kitchen and will make the difference between a convenient and efficient kitchen versus an uncoordinated and crowded kitchen. Not having enough cabinet space or being able to access it can quickly turn into problems in the kitchen. A big obstacle many kitchens are having these days are cabinets that are so deep you cannot utilize the back half because you literally have to crawl inside to get anything. Fortunately there is an affordable and easy solution for this problem called pull-out shelves. There are numerous benefits that come from adding pull-out shelves to your home, but most importantly they add convenience and value. Deep and dark cabinet and pantry areas make it extremely difficult to organize or arrange things so that you can actually reach them.  Pull-out shelves are customizable and can be made to fit any cabinet or pantry space required without altering the designated cabinet or pantry area. Over the years these efficient and practical shelves have been given many names, but they all have the same purpose which is providing an easy way to organize your kitchen while adding value to your home. Rather than crawling inside the cabinet using your phone as a flashlight, pull-out shelves allow you to grab what you need outside the cabinet with plenty of light and no crawling. Since pull-out shelves are added to the inside of the cabinet they add the convenience of a drawer inside the cabinet with no alterations to the existing doors. Pull-out shelves are not only an attractive addition for visiting family... read more

Tips for Un-cluttering Your Kitchen

When it comes to maintaining a clutter-free kitchen, organization is key. Clutter comes largely from not having a predetermined location for storing each item or type of item. When you have a plan, the un-cluttering process becomes a lot easier. Here are some steps for un-cluttering your kitchen. Step 1: Removal The first step to making your clutter-free kitchen involves removing unnecessary, unused, and rarely used items. The kitchen counter should not be a storage receptacle for old receipts and junk mail. These things should either be filed away or thrown out. The same goes for old utensils that have overstayed their welcome. If there are items that you use occasionally or seasonally, try storing them elsewhere (a closet or pantry) and only bring them out when you need them. Step 2: Planning Now that you have removed the excess clutter from your kitchen, it’s time to start planning out an organizational scheme. Where will the cutting knives go? Will the sugar jar and salt and pepper shakers act as accentual pieces on your countertop or be hidden away in a cupboard? It’s best to organize items according to functionality and practicality. For example, your tea and coffee station should probably be located close to your coffee maker and in the same vicinity as your sugar jar. Step 3: Implementation The final step means putting your organizational scheme into action. You can do this with jars, storage caddies, and the like. The best way we’ve found to maintain organization and a clear countertop is to mount racks, organizers, and even utensils as much as possible. While we can help you... read more