Holiday decorations give your Thanksgiving and Christmas months a flavor that is unique to any other time of the year. During these few exceptional weeks, you are swarmed with setting up lights, putting out the potpourri, lighting candles, and preparing for the parties ahead. There may be a few disgruntled complaints from husbands asked to make constant grocery runs, or children asked to help with the cleaning, but holiday preparations give families a great opportunity to spruce up their homes and look for new inspiration in anticipation of the new year.

Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen believes that any home can be transformed into a welcoming and warm place during the holidays. This doesn’t mean any significant remodeling or construction, but rather careful attention to the colors and materials you decorate your house with. With help from photographers and a brilliant marketing team, Remodel Works’ designers have been decorating home interiors for decades to present to clients. Homeowners often limit themselves to thinking that their kitchens/dining areas are limited to only a few decorative themes and ambiances, but the truth is any space can be decorated differently depending on the season, holiday, weather, etc.Holiday Decorations

Color is fundamental when establishing a foundation for your holiday decorations. The color of your walls, cabinets, appliances, or floors is obviously permanent (Remodel Works does not condone repainting your home every few months, it is both impractical and uneconomical), but there are multiple faucets of your home décor that can be easily change to adapt to each holiday differently. Drapes and curtains may be the first items to be changes, since they cover large areas of your home. With November and December coming into view, the lighter blues, greens, or shades of white that celebrated the summer months might be better replaced by elegant maroon drapes, or lush auburn or coffee-dyed curtains. Since you also won’t be going through new furniture every winter season, covers for your armchairs, couches, or loveseats can be practical and gorgeous. Deeply stained browns or russet colored covers can change the look of a living space dramatically. Additionally, the holidays are a time for parties and guests; meaning more spills and food stains than usual. Cloth coverings for your furniture can change the color scheme of your home and protect your couches and chairs from harm. Holiday Decorations

Remodel Works knows how personal a kitchen or dining space can be to a home owner, and is always careful to advise, but ultimately respect the design decisions of their clients. The minute design details to your home are very personal, and can reveal a significant amount about what kind of host you are. Holiday decorations come in all shapes and sizes so you can pick and choose. The use of seasonal candles can be very complimentary to your home, and holiday ornaments hung around your living spaces can create a subtle flavor to encourage a yuletide ambiance. Flowers and darker potted plants during the winter must be chosen carefully but are perfect additions to a perfect décor. Daisy-like calendulas, candytuft, Erica (heath), or hellebores are winter-blooming flowers that are perfect for giving a natural feel to your home.

Remodel Works knows that every design decision is personal and must be made with the utmost care to create a perfect home. What you choose reveals who you are. From floor to ceiling, the one must be careful to blend every element of their design together to create a cohesive and unified theme in their home.