Remodel Works Bathroom Design
Remodel Works Kitchen Design

Bathroom Design

Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is the top remodeling company in San Diego for a reason: customers are taken care of. The service that Remodel Works provides is personal, designers take time to build relationships with clients. Remodeling your bathroom is often a major investment of time and finances. From smaller hallway baths to grand master bathrooms, San Diego homes have benefited from Remodel Works’ services for over 30 years. The company’s reputation has been developed from the unprecedented success it has experienced in San Diego for decades.

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Kitchen Design

Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has used 30+ years of experience in the remodeling industry to perfect its design process. Staying ahead of the competition in efficiency, scheduling, and pricing, is the fundamental strength of Remodel Works, and a virtue that has enabled the company to become a leader in San Diego remodeling.

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Recycled Materials

Recycled remodeling materials can save money, resources, and effort when remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has found over the past few decades that the popularity of recycled materials has grown exponentially, and that consumers are moving more and more towards reusing materials in their new home remodeling projects. Recycled materials can come in two forms; new resources that have been manufactured from recycled goods, or building materials that are being taken directly from and old space to a new one. An example of this first type (manufactured) of recycled materials would be recycled glass tile (see our new blog on the many advantages of glass tiling), or wood flooring that has been flooring that taken from discarded lumber, treated, and reused in a remodeling project. The second type of recycled material might be a standing bathtub that is taken from an old master bathroom, refinished, and placed in a new and decadent remodeled bathroom. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is very flexible when it comes to reusing resources for a new project and encourages using recycled materials when possible. For example, many clients want to reuse granite slabs in their kitchen or bathrooms, and repurpose them for countertops or island covers. Kitchen cabinets can be reused in bathrooms, or moved from under countertops to being lifted above them. If a Remodel Works designer sees an option for recycling a piece of furniture, appliance, or material, he or she will be able to suggest this to a client in order to save resources and time. A simple online search will give any prospective clients an... read more

Being the Perfect Host: What Your Kitchen Says About You

There is a lot that goes into being a perfect host, what your kitchen says about you can make people feel welcome and your event a total hit. Having company over can be a stressful event if you’re not prepared. Being the perfect host is a goal of any devoted homeowner that values the company of friends, family, and any sort of social life; having a beautiful kitchen can say a lot about you and make the process much less stressful. Magazines, television, celebrities, and the media in general is constantly pursuing the latest trends and products that will establish a consumer as a truly, “perfect host,” but as much as Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen likes to stay on top of the latest trends…the company is convinced that there is a much simpler way to provide fully for your guests. A warm and welcoming environment can never be properly established unless a host has the most fundamental of all weapons in his/her arsenal of hospitality, the proper kitchen space. The kitchen is where any party begins. As food and drinks are being prepared, the kitchen quickly becomes the place to congregate and begin the first rounds of appetizers and conversations. It is the place where the mood of the party is set; will it be a wild night? a relaxed evening? An awkward couple of hours ended by everyone thinking of an obscure excuse why they have to leave? A pop culture magazine might be able to inform a consumer what the best snacks and desserts to serve are, but the designers at Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen... read more