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San Diego Bathroom Remodel

Contemporary White Bathroom Layout

Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is the top remodeling company in San Diego for a reason: customers are taken care of. The service that Remodel Works provides is personal, designers take time to build relationships with clients. Remodeling your bathroom is often a major investment of time and finances. From smaller hallway baths to grand master bathrooms, San Diego homes have benefited from Remodel Works’ services for over 30 years. The company’s reputation has been developed from the unprecedented success it has experienced in San Diego for decades.

Every Remodel Works employee is aware of the time and effort that goes into a bathroom remodel, and this type of workload can be stressful for a customer whose home is under construction. Relieving clients of stress and maintaining a personal relationship with every customer is the highest priority here at Remodel Works. Developing these types of bonds comes down to one concept: Job Control. Remodel Works has an expert team prepared for every aspect of a project, enabling them to take on every challenge of a bathroom remodel so that a customer experiences as little stress as possible. Smaller companies and private contractors lack the personnel and job control that a company like Remodel Works specializes in. On the opposite hand, massive remodeling companies can’t match the personal experience that Remodel Works employees always offer. Clients that come to Remodel Works are guaranteed a hassle-free process that is scheduled and planned out from start to finish before and construction or demolition begins. There are strict standard operating procedures as well as flexibility to adapt to any unseen changes in bathroom remodeling plans. The Remodel Works method is tried and true, and leaves customers satisfied and stress-free.

San Diego Bathroom Remodel

Contemporary White Bathroom

A face-to-face meeting between clients and their assigned designer is the first step towards forming a trusting relationship with customers. During these types of meetings, a client will provide the designer with their plans/goals/ideas for their kitchen. Working towards meeting every hope the client holds is the end goal. This meeting is critical to giving designers a vision of what the finished project needs to look like, what materials may be necessary, and every other desire of a client. But this is only the beginning. At this point, the cogs and wheels of creativity begin churning in a designer’s mind, and the ultimate plan for a finished bathroom begins to form.

A free in-home measure is next. Designers schedule a visit to a client’s pre-remodeled home to provide an estimate of the costs and resources needed for the envisioned remodeling job. Designers measure the dimensions and measurements of a bathroom so that they can correctly form a digitally rendered model of the remodeled bathroom. A designer can become familiar with the client’s space and begin to formulate ideas for the new kitchen. Again, this personal interaction establishes a trusting relationship between Remodel Works designers and customers.

San Diego Bathroom Remodel

Grand Master Bathroom Layout

When clients are comfortable and ready to move on to the next step in the process, Remodel Works designers invite them back to the company’s headquarters for a demonstration of the Remodel Works showroom and a presentation. Clients can see the vast array of materials and products that are available for their home. In this meeting a designer has the opportunity to give professional ideas and suggestions to clients in regards to how the bathroom will ultimately appear. This may include using certain products, appliances, or materials. If a designer believes, for example, a different color or model of cabinets, he/she will share these ideas and inspirations. This is a critical point in the remodeling process, when both the client and designer fully commit to a project and move towards installation.

Now that the client and designer have collaborated and agreed on a bathroom design, it is time for product selection. From paint color to toilet brand, every product needs to be carefully selected and agreed upon. A major advantage of Remodel Works over almost every other sized remodeling company is the specific selection of products that Remodel Works has available. In comparison to smaller companies and private contractors, Remodel Works has the upper hand because of the size of its product list. On the other hand, companies with endless products can often overwhelm clients and prove to be unnecessarily lengthy. Remodel Works has a variety of specifically chosen products that give clients a range of pricing and quality options, without pointless excess.

San Diego Bathroom Remodel

Grand Master Bathroom

From the moment a prospective customer enters Remodel Works’ doors to the minute the last technician leaves the finished project site, a client is treated with the utmost respect and care. Expert designers, project managers, and technicians are fully devoted to providing the best bathroom possible to Remodel Works’ clients. Job control and miscommunication are never an issue while remodeling your bathroom, and this keeps stress out of the equation.