Chances are you’ve gone to a friend or neighbor’s house and been invited into their “man cave.” This ominous-sounding room has come to be a staple in many American households. A cross between an office and bedroom, it is a man’s private space in the home. But what about a woman’s private space, you might ask? Well, that’s an interesting story. Until recently they haven’t had one, but feminists rejoice! With the invention of the She-Shed, there is finally a place for women to get their work and play done in a private and uninterrupted space.

She-Shed Ok… But what exactly is a She-Shed?

A woman’s place is no longer in the home. A She-Shed is a shed or barn that is converted into a private space for a woman. It doesn’t matter if the space is a remodeled garage, a room addition, a purchased storage shed or a hand-made wooden barn, as long as it provides a private sanctuary.

What is the purpose of a She-Shed?

The purpose of a She-Shed is as unique as the woman who uses it. Everyone needs a quiet place to get things done. Some women use their She-Shed for work. As work becomes more and more possible from the home, people often need to separate their work space from their home space.She-Shed

More often, women use She-Sheds for their hobbies or passions. Sometimes in this crazy busy life, you need a place that’s dedicated to doing things you love. Many women use their She-Sheds for gardening, scrapbooking, crafting, sewing, or being with their friends.

But these spaces don’t have to be dedicated to traditional “female hobbies”. Some women use their space for reading, writing, woodworking, or watching movies. Some just need a space to do their own thing without constant interruptions, or to spend some quality time with themselves.

Steps to making your perfect She-Shed:

Pick a purpose.She-Shed

What do you need space to do? What do you wish you did more? Use an “if you build it they will” come mentality. You might not dance anymore, but if you create a personal studio in your She-Shed, you’ll probably start up again.

Find a Space or Remodel an Existing Space.

Do you have an old barn, potting shed, tool shed or green house in your backyard? That’s your She-Shed. If not, you can buy a variety of sheds at different retailers. Use your imagination and get creative.


However you decide to use your She-Shed, make sure you take the time to make it as comfortable of a place as possible. The beauty is that you don’t have to share the space with anyone else. Take advantage of this to make the décor and vibe 100% you.

If you’re on a budget, utilize thrift stores and craigslist. There’s no hurry to complete your She-Shed, take your time and have fun making it a comfortable space for you.


Those who live with you will undoubtedly be jealous of your new digs, but be sure to maintain your She-Shed as your space. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your She-Shed!