Winter proofing your home is necessary no matter where you leave, as it is every season. Preparing your home for the late fall, winter, and early spring is a chore that needs to be done every year. This process of, “winter-proofing” can take time but it is vital to you’re your home retain heat and prevent any damage from the elements. Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen installs appliances and materials every year that help with this process, and ensure that finished remodeling jobs will last. It is one thing to have an elegant home, but a far different matter to warrant that your living spaces can last.

The location of your home is a major factor in deciding the best approach to getting ready for colder months. Extreme measures need to be taken in eastern and mid-western areas, while southern cities like San Diego have the advantage of milder seasons and therefore less exhausting preparations. This does not mean that there is no work to be done…

Heating and heat loss is the primary concern during cooler months, and the Remodel Works team has refined its approach to remodeling during the colder months in order to better serve the San Diego community. Windows and doors are the primary areas where unnecessary heat loss occurs. If glass is not weatherproof or too thin, heat loss can occur even when your home seems completely sealed. However, the majority of heat lost comes from around the edges of windows and doors that are not secure. Proper seals and grout need to be applied to the edges of window frames to minimize gaps where heat escapes. This also prevents moisture from entering homes and coming in contact with bare wood faces. When unfinished wood comes into regular contact with the elements, particularly moisture from humidity, rain, snow, etc., molding and rotting occur. This type of water damage is often very mild, and may require new window or door frames, but if wood rot is left unchecked, major beams in your home may be at risk, jeopardizing your homes’ framework. Extended winter months over several years of high precipitation can often lead to this type problem, but Remodel Works is continually working to inform homeowners of the risks that exposed homes can be in. Taking the correct preventative measures can save money on heating bills and keep homes safe from needing major repairs. Winter Proofing

After windows and doors have been properly sealed, a further measure that may be taken is to make sure that your furnace filter is properly sealed. When a filter becomes clogged with dust and dirt, your air conditioning, heating, and any automated ventilation will require more energy (and money) to run properly. This is a cheap fix that can save homeowners big time during the winter. Additionally, The use of a sealed entryway is often overlooked as a very efficient way to save energy in a home during colder seasons. A closed, “mud room,” is a great way to keep heat from leaving your home. Remodel Works installs these types of rooms so that opening and closing doors results in less heat loss, and the temperature of a home is able to remain much more stable.

These types of winter-proofing efforts can be small projects, or large renovations, but all are meant to keep your house efficient, and safe from rotting/molding. Remodel Works has 30 years of experience to ensure that your home lasts as long as possible, and stays warm during all times of the year.